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2013 - PREP & JV Super Bowl (PYFL)

2014 - PREP Super Bowl (PYFL)

2015 - JV & VARSITY Super Bowl (PYFL)

2016 - PREP, JV & VARSITY State Champions (AAU)

VARSITY AAU National Champs!!!


2015 charlotte youth athletic combine

Varsity Age - 12 to 13

JV Age - 10 to 11

Prep Age - 8 to 9


*Electronic Timing for the 40- yard dash is the most measurement recorded.  Hand timing for the 40-yard dash can result in a much lower recorded time for individuals.  Example:  Someone who runs an electronic pace, 6.0-40 could have a difference in hand-time 40 of 5.85.  Just wanted to let you know why there is a difference in timings in the Combine results.



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Prep Results.xlsx
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